Custom projects and services

For the custom projects, we really want to highlight the idea of “your project is unique, and the services you receive should reflect that”.

Our custom projects are designed with the client in mind. We work with the client to determine their needs and wants, and create a proposal that outlines a few options we can move forward with. Our custom projects cover everything from profile videos to full listing packages. We really want to highlight the fact that we work with the client to build out a custom project for them. While we do want to work with each client and build a custom package for them, we typically shoot in a quarter/half/full day layout. We can certainly mention that, but again the focus is on getting people to reach out to us so we can discuss their project with them and ensure we are creating the best option for them.

As per an email we have shared with a client to describe our custom projects:

Our content strategy is to help our clients create a strong foundation of high-quality content and have them supplement it by posting less polished more personal content throughout their day. Coalition Properties is a fantastic example of this where they have their strong pillar content that constantly gets views and drives traffic while delivering value and information, and they constantly add more fun content such as their #closingtime home closings and other day to day activities.

The projects we would like to highlight are:

Here is one video from the Coalition Properties profile video series. This one is focused on community

Here is the application video we made for Michelle Doherty to help her make it in the 30 under 30 class of 2018!

This is a profile video we did as part of a series for the Menkiti Group.

Here is a highlight video we the Coalition Properties launch party.