Please ensure your property is ready for filming upon arrival. Our photographers begin as soon as they arrive, so it is best that the property be completely ready and clear of all people and pets (including children, homeowners, and contractors) at the start time of the shoot.

We recommend treating the shoot as an open house, and prep for your appointment the same way you would if you were showing the property that day. Please follow our guide below and pass it along to the homeowners to ensure the best results!

General Tips

  1. Turn all lights ON, replacing any burnt out bulbs, and turn all ceiling fans OFF

  2. Pull blinds all the way up where possible, or make sure all blinds are even

  3. Have the home staged BEFORE our photographers arrive, if you are planning to stage the property

  4. If you are not planning to stage the property, we recommend clearing all areas of the property of clutter, leaving only decorations

  5. Remove any personal photos or anything that displays personal information

  6. Remove pets, cages, food and water bowls that may be visible, as well as trash cans or recycling bins

  7. Turn off all TVs and computer screens


  1. Remove cars from driveway

  2. Hide or place at the street any trash/recycling bins, and pick up any debris or construction material and move out of view

  3. Close garage and shed doors

  4. Clean any deck/patio furniture and sweep leaves or debris off of deck/patio

  5. Maintain lawn by cutting grass, picking up fallen tree limbs, etc.

  6. Remove clutter such as children's toys, pet toys, or garden hoses

  7. Try to wait to put up realtor signs until after the shoot (we can blur these signs, but it always looks better without them!)

Living Spaces

  1. Remove small appliances from kitchen counters

  2. Clean up office spaces and remove any important documents or paper clutter

  3. Arrange any throw pillows neatly

  4. Ensure dining room chairs/bar stools are arranged neatly and evenly

  5. Remove any small rugs that may make the space seem smaller

  6. Straighten any furniture or rugs that may seem skewed

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

  1. Make beds

  2. Remove dirty laundry or laundry baskets from view

  3. Ensure items underneath the bed are not visible

  4. Remove dirty towels from the bathroom, and arrange clean ones neatly

  5. Remove clutter such as nightstand items, bathroom counter items, or excessive towels or bedding

  6. Remove shampoo, soap, and bath toys from showers and tubs unless decorative

  7. Fully close all toilet seats

  8. In children’s rooms, try to hide anything with personal information such as names, schedules, or photos

If there are items that cannot be removed, or that are forgotten during your prep, we offer image enhancement services and item removal, though it is always better to remove the items in the first place, and will save you time and money in the long run.

Please note that if our photographers arrive and you are not ready for the shoot, or have not followed the guidelines above, your appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled and you will incur a fee. For more on our cancellation and rescheduling policy, see our Cancellation and Payment Policy available on our site HERE, or refer to the Terms and Conditions sent to you with your booking confirmation email.