+ What does the photography package include?

We provide 30-45 photos for every property, regardless of how large or small the property may be. We will get amenity shots for apartments or communities, provided they are requested in advanced and as long as there is time. Amenity photos do count towards your photo count. If you would like more than 45 photos, please contact us for pricing.

+ Do you take community photos or video?

We do not capture community footage at the shoot. If you would like community footage, you can request the community and we will add it to our list of requested communities, to be shot free of charge when we have the time. If you would like a rush on the community or to have a community vide branded with your information, please contact us for pricing.

+ Why is my video only 60 seconds long?

Studies show that viewers drop off drastically after the 60 second mark, so we like to keep our videos short, sweet, and to the point. We highlight the best of the best, so you get views and leads without overloading potential clients. This also ensures compatability with almost every site you may share your video on, including Instagram and Facebook.

+ Can I get a longer video of my property?

Absolutely! We offer a full length home tour (up to 3 minutes long) for an additional fee of $100. You will still receive a 60 second highlight video as well with this add on.

+ Do your photographers clean or stage homes?

No, our photographers do not clean or stage homes. We offer virtual staging solutions, but our photogaphers are not responsible for cleaning, staging, or moving anything at the property.

+ Can I personalize my video?

Absolutely! All videos include your branding, overlay information about the property and 3 callouts! Please remember to provide this information when you book! If you would like additional personalization, we are happy to work with your individual needs! Just send us a message and we can discuss. Some examples of extra personalization we offer: voice over, video introductions, even 360° videos!

+ How long will the shoot take?

Keep an eye on the booking form for your personalized estimated shoot time. But in general each service takes about 45 minutes. So photo + video should take 1:30 while photo + video + 360 take 2:15.

+ Do I need to be present at the shoot?

Not at all! It is actually preferred that you have as few people as possible at the shoot, to eleminate distractions and minimize the chances of mistakes. If you have a lockbox, door code, or something similar, we are more than happy to let ourselves in and lock up on our way out. We do ask that you ensure your property is ready, regardless of who may or may not be at the property. We send out a Home Prep Guide prior to the appointment that can help you ensure the property is ready. Short answer: no. Long answer: not really. Due to copyright laws, we cannot use popular songs for your videos without obtaining a license to do so. We get our music from a variety of sources and have full commercial rights to use them in our videos. If there is a particular song you would like, feel to reach out and we can look into aquiring the license to use it, however most popular tracks are extremely expensive. Our photographers pick a song from our library based on what we feel fits your property best, though we are happy to take your suggestions on music style. We can also send you a link to our music library, so that you can choose a song you prefer.

+ I want aerial footage but I am in a no-fly zone. Can you still get a few aerial photos?

No. FAA laws are very strict and most drones will not even take off in a no-fly zone. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about if we can fly at your property.